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Your immigration consultant is someone who helps you realize your dreams of settling in Canada. A good immigration consultant has the experience and the exposure to the immigration process and procedures to ensure you have the best chance at being selected for immigration to Canada. Because immigration is their field of expertise, it is wise for you to hire a professional as it increases the chances of your application process being successful.

However, not all consultants are alike. You want someone who understands your journey and your wants and needs for settling in Canada. To find a professional that will provide you with unique and personalized services, here’s a list of top five things to look for in an immigration consultant. 

1. Valid license
The process of immigration can be complicated and confusing. Thus, it is advisable to always work with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). There are many people who claim that they are certified, but when asked for proof, they cannot provide you with valid documents proving the same. Remember to check if your immigration consultant has a valid license in Canada and is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) by checking their website. 

2. Experience 
How much experience does your immigration consultant have? What do they mainly focus on? Many immigration consultants are specialized in certain immigration aspects only, therefore it is important to know if they have the necessary experience to deal with your particular case. If they have the necessary experience and have worked on similar projects before, you know that they will understand your case and help you create the best application possible. 

3. Insurance
Canadian immigration consultants are insured. Members of the council are required to obtain errors and omission insurance, which protects applicants against unintended action that may cause financial damage. This is for the consumer and the consultant’s protection as even the best of us can make a mistake that can be detrimental to the client. Suppose a client feels that the consultant did not act in their best interest and that the consultant’s actions caused them some damage. In that case, they have the right to file a complaint to ICCRC, and after investigation, the ICCRC can offer suggestions on how the client and the consultant should settle the dispute.

4. Communication
You need to know how the immigration consultant communicates with their clients. Preparing an immigration application package requires gathering a lot of information, supplying documents, and having numerous conversations in person or via electronic means. It is important to know how they will communicate with you, how quickly they will reply if you have any questions, and how many languages they can communicate in. They have to be effective and efficient in their ways, and if they aren’t willing to be inclusive to your needs, you need to look elsewhere. 

5. Follows professional guidelines
Hire a professional who is legitimate, has proof to back this claim, and has integrity. All certified Canadian immigration consultants are required to follow stringent ethical and professional guidelines. Council members and consultants are subject to a Code of Ethical Conduct that stipulates proper procedures for their practice. The Code requires all to adhere to stringent rules, including those regarding quality service, professionalism, ethical practice, and confidentiality. Breaching these codes is considered an act of non-compliance. It is taken seriously and dealt with immediately with importance by the council. Additionally, members of the council must provide evidence of good character before becoming regulated, including submitting a police clearance record. 

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