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Many immigration applications are refused every year because of simple mistakes people make in the immigration process. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) facilitates the arrival of immigrants to Canada and provides a lot of information and clarity with reference to the immigration program. After all that, it is evident that applicants still make mistakes that result in application rejection or return. That is because the immigration process isn’t an easy one.

It involves submitting documents, having the necessary qualifications, maintaining deadlines, etc. You have to be cautious during the process as that will determine the success in the probability of your future in Canada. To help you avoid some basic errors that could end up wasting your time and also prove to be costly, GL Immigration Consulting has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when immigrating to Canada. 

1. Believing that express entry is the only solution
Although express entry is the most popular way to immigrate to Canada, it is not the only one! Pilot and provincial nominees programs are also ways of immigrating to Canada – just determine which one is best for you, according to your immigration objective and profile. Keep reading for more information on that below!

2. Not knowing what’s your Canadian immigration profile
Each person has their particularities, life history and qualifications. There are many ways to immigrate to Canada, so you need to understand which one is best for you. If you still don’t know which immigration program is right for you. Factors such as age, school level, English proficiency, area of ​​expertise, among others, are considered when setting up your immigration profile. From there, it is possible to design the ideal strategy for you.

3. Not planning ahead
Anyone who thinks that the process of immigrating to Canada is quick and easy is very much mistaken. In addition to gathering all the necessary documentation, such as proof of work experience, school transcripts, proof of funds and their translations, if you still don’t have an English proficiency test score, you need to count the time for you to prepare for the test, as well as the time it takes for you to get the results. In the case of school transcripts, you will probably need an ECA – Educational Credential Assessment, a document that validates your diploma and its equivalence in Canada. As you can see, there are many factors and documentation necessary, so it is best to have an immigration plan outlined according to your objectives in advance.

4. Not giving much importance to the language proficiency test
Many feel they can learn the language after arriving in Canada, but the fact is that you need a certain level of understanding to start your immigration process to Canada: Depending on your proficiency score, you guarantee up to 186 points on your express entry profile!

In addition, what many fail to consider is the test itself: You may have advanced English or even be a native speaker, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare for your test! Whether IELTS or CELPIP (for those who are already in Canada), each test has its own characteristics and requirements, so it is better to study well to ensure your best result! In fact, e-Visa has partners to help you achieve the score you need in your language proficiency

5. Dismissing the help of a professional 
The decision to immigrate to Canada may sound like a simple one, but the truth is that the immigration process can be stressful. In addition to leaving home, what you are used to, you must be sure that you are following the best immigration strategy for your profile and that you have all the right documents. The information about immigration available online may well be out of date or not suitable for your specific process. Therefore, if you plan to immigrate to Canada, I advise you to get the help of a professional to ensure that your application and all of your documents are in order. I can help you with that!

6. Making mistakes when gathering documents for the immigration process
As I have already stated, the immigration process to Canada requires a lot of attention from the applicant. With many documents to be sent, it takes a lot of organization and attention to detail to not make the mistake of forgetting some necessary documentation or missing the deadline. In addition, it is important to be as detailed and complete as possible when filling out your application, as an error can make all the difference. 

All information you provide in your immigration process to Canada must be accompanied by evidence, which includes income tax, payment receipts, proof of employment, marriage and birth certificates, passports, school transcripts and many more. In some cases, you have the option of sending copies of the necessary documents, but sometimes an original form or a certified copy done by a government agency is required. So, you must pay close attention!

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at GL Immigration Consulting. Canada’s immigration industry is an ever-evolving structure. It’s a result of every government putting their stamp on the system with different demands and goals to make Canada a better and stronger country. It can make the immigration process a long journey with a lot of requirements to fulfill and many challenges to overcome. I assist clients in avoiding getting stuck in the complicated system of forms, laws, and changing regulations. It’s rewarding to guide clients from filling the initial application form to finally achieving their dream of entry to Canada.

I offer services such as business immigration, investor immigration, family sponsorship, express entry, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Canadian citizenship, Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and Employer services, work permits, spousal sponsorship, caregiver immigration program, parents and grandparents super visa. I offer my services to clients across Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Dresden, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Zürich, Bern, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

For a complete list of my services, please click here. If you have any questions about immigration, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me here.  

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